Community Collaborations to Serve Dallas Veterans

By definition, a collaboration is working together to achieve a common goal. Through these collaborations, we can truly serve as a community conduit for the Dallas veteran and their families and to improve their overall quality of life. It’s by directing a network of support, outside of just traditional service providers, to present long-term solutions to our military and their families.

We are happy to announce two new collaborative efforts – One with MedSynergies and the other with WILL Interactive, Inc.
MedSynergies specializes in the business side of health care. The company partners with health care organizations and physicians to align their operations by providing management services. They are a growing company experiencing rapid growth in the Dallas/ Fort Worth/ Irving area.

The company has committed to a goal of 15% of all new hires to be veterans and spouses of veterans for all open positions. These positions will provide veterans and spouses secure and meaningful careers with stable income.

Over the next 9 months, our two organizations will work on setting hiring goals, fostering culturally sensitive policies, establishing veteran-friendly hiring processes, and retaining and accommodating procedures.

But why is MedSynergies passionate and committed to veterans? They understand the value of a veteran employee. Veterans are engrained with values such as trust, dependability and loyalty, all qualities which any employer wants. As they grow their business over the next year and through a partnership with Allies in Service, they strive to improve the quality of life for Dallas’ veterans through this hiring initiative.

On another interesting note, in partnership with WILL Interactive, Allies is excited to offer free Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS®) for our Dallas veterans and their families, located on our website. WILL Interactive, Inc. invented and patented a behavior change and performance improvement methodology where users become the lead character in an interactive movie simulation. Users make decisions, see consequences of their choices, alter storylines and experience outcomes. These VEILS® are a patented new media technology and methodology for education, training and entertainment.

We have three simulations on the site, which include The War Inside, The Home Front and The Mission to Heal. Whether you are a veteran, a caregiver or coworker, check out these VEILS® for your personal education and training.