Virtual Simulations for Veteran Education, Training and Entertainment

As many of you know, Allies in Service partnered with WILL Interactive to provide Dallas veterans, their families and even community members with free access to a series of interactive movies. WILL’s interactive movies were specifically designed to help veterans and their families cope with the challenges of reintegrating into civilian life and the workforce.

The interactive movies, originally developed in partnership with the U.S. Army, are filmed with a movie crew, overlaid with computer decision-making technology, and based on a patented behavioral change system. Veterans view the simulations on a computer and are in charge of moving the story line in one direction or another, learning as they go how to deal with common scenarios.

As WILL put it, “play it out, before you live it out.” One of Allies’ veterans said, “[The simulations] are straightforward and can be uncomfortably true. I know some people are afraid to have a real conversation and these interactive movies give the opportunity for someone to participate in a way they may usually not be comfortable.” A former Marine said, “I think that this program will have a great impact on Dallas veterans. I know from experience that it is easier to ask questions or even ask for help if you see that it is more common than what you thought.”

This unique partnership enables Allies in Service’s network of Dallas veterans to access programs previously shared only with active duty military units, providing valuable support and education to the brave men and women who served our country.