SVA and Collin County Community College

In February of 2011, student veterans at Collin College came together to create an organization that would advocate for their needs on campus and generate a greater pathway to academic success. For our student veterans and the leaders of this organization, the overriding goal of Collin College’s chapter of Student Veterans of America (SVA-Collin College) is simple: graduation.

There are almost 1,400 veterans at Collin College. All of them have different experiences, and all return to civilian life with different barriers when completing their degrees. Student Veterans of America-Collin College works to help student veterans utilize their benefits to their fullest while making the transition from military to civilian life. In the past year, SVA-Collin College was instrumental in helping educate the student veteran population concerning their rights under Texas Senate Bill 297 that ensured that students pay in-state tuition once they qualify for federal education benefits. To further help student veterans, SVA-Collin College worked with college officials to help establish a new veterans-only student orientation focused on the distribution of pertinent information regarding the transition from service member to student and scholar.

During the fall 2011 semester, SVA-Collin College began working with the Collin College Foundation to increase scholarship opportunities for student veterans. Many student veterans using Hazelwood benefits have exhausted their GI Bill or are in programs that require textbooks and supplies that exceed the textbook reimbursement stipend, and scholarships are crucial to their success.

As SVA-Collin College moves forward in 2012, the mission is the same: advocate for student veterans and set them on the path to academic success. As a student organization, the objective is to leave no one behind.

To contact the SVA Collin College email sva@collin.edu or visit www.facebook/svacollincollege for more information.