• Making Career Transition Easier
    for DFW Veterans & Military Spouses
  • Warrior Mentorship Program
    "Mentors provide guidance veterans need...." -Roger Staubach
  • Hiring a Veteran or Military Spouse
    is Just Good Business

From The Front

“Thank you for your amazing efforts. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me and can only tell you that it will be paid forward. My dreams would not become reality without [Allies].”

Nathan W., Veteran

“Thank you. I was treated like a prince… All the veterans and families enjoyed being treated so special.”   

Kevin W., Veteran

"Thank you again. [My friend] felt very blessed and even got all mushy on me. Allies in Service is an outstanding organization and wish it further success."

Ben C., Partner

“Your [efforts] helped a total of seven veterans from sleeping on the streets or in their cars."

Ken W., Partner

"Allies in Service a great non-profit focused on helping veterans reintegrate back into society."

Ryan H., Partner, Veteran

Dallas, TX 75225-5884

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 214.438.6358