Does Allies in Service charge any fees for employment or other services? 

Allies in Service is a 501(c) (3) and does not charge fees to our veterans or employment partners. Please contact us at 214-438-6358 for more information.

What do I need to do to receive assistance from Allies in Service? 

To enroll in our program, FILL OUT the application form. Please have your (or your spouse’s) DD214, your resume and a valid picture ID (preferably a VA ID card) ready before starting the process. You may contact us with general questions at 214-438-6358. 

Are there any job opportunities at Allies in Service? 

Allies in Service is not currently accepting applications for employment, but if you are a veteran or veteran spouse and ENROLL in our program, we can help you with your employment search. 

What are the key areas of focus for Allies? 

Allies in Service provides employment support and referral services to service members, veterans and their spouses in the DFW area. Assistance is offered in the following areas:

Resume Writing— Translate the military to civilian experience so employers can see the transferable skills that you offer

Mock Interviews— Provide opportunities to practice interviewing with business professionals and employers and to receive valuable and immediate feedback

Career Coaching—Assist in evaluating new career choices and options