Veteran Value. Better Business.

Hiring a veteran or military spouse is more than good will. It’s good business.

Veterans have the training, work ethic, and skill your organization depends on. Military spouses are educated, resilient and often take leadership roles in both military and community organizations. If you want productivity, professionalism, and profitability – hire a veteran or military spouse today.

Allies in Service is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving our veterans, service members and their families as they reintegrate back into our community. These men and women need the support of their community to ensure a successful transition.

Our focus is on veterans, service members, and military spouses seeking employment and the employers that desire to hire them. We can assist your company in the following areas at no charge:

  • Provide qualified candidates for your open requisitions
  • Educate hiring managers about veterans and veteran hiring
  • Resources to start or enhance a veteran/military spouse hiring initiative
  • Information on Affinity/Employee resource groups for veterans
  • Veteran employee recognition ideas
  • Company-led opportunities to serve veterans

Allies would value the opportunity to learn more about your organization and support your desire to hire veterans and military spouses! Please contact Allies in Service Community Relations at 214-438-6224.