Warrior Mentorship Program

What is the Program?

The Warrior Mentorship Program connects recently transitioned Dallas/Ft.Worth area veterans and service members (Protégés) with business professionals (Mentors) for a year-long mentorship. Mentors and Protégés are paired based on career objectives, background, and professional experience. The goals of the mentorship program are defined between Mentors and Protégés through regular discussions and meetings, and a personalized action plan is created and implemented to achieve those goals. Pairing Protégés with Mentors creates a network of support outside the standard channels, and enables the Protégé to reach his or her full potential as they transition into corporate careers.

Who is a Mentor?

Individuals who serve as Mentors are usually selected by their employer and recommended to Allies in Service. Mentors are successful and caring professionals who enjoy being part of a support network for veterans.These individuals guide, coach and encourage each of our Protégés to help them make a successful transition from the military to their chosen corporate careers.

Who is a Protégé?

Our Protégés are veterans or service members who have honorably served and recently transitioned from the military and/or recently graduated and are ready to start a corporate career. If currently enrolled in school, they must be graduating within 6 months or ready to look for work.

What is the time requirement?

All Protégés participate in a program orientation, mock interview, scheduled meetings and one-on-one mentoring with a designated Mentor. Allies in Service Mentors attend bi-monthly meetings and keep in touch with their Protégé in between meetings.

How do I get involved?

Please contact Allies in Service to apply as a Protégé. If your company is interested in mentoring, please contact us at 214.438.1550 or by EMAIL