Casey Reefer

Casey Reefer is a Procurement Manager with additional expertise in Change Management.  Accomplished professional with a broad skill-sets specifically in contract negotiations, problem resolution, and change management within fortune 500 organizations. He has experience in high tech servicing of customer needs in mobility service and deployment.

His experience includes:

Contract Management – Drafted, negotiated and executed contractual documents in relation to MSA and amendments

Negotiation – Negotiated re-rate on the existing vendor to reduce the monthly cost for 1 GB and 10 GB from $2,100 to $1,125 and $5,500 to $1,795, resulting in a $92.4M saving on the existing 10-year deal

Management – Managed high severity incident triage processes that lead to an MTTR averaging three hours within the SLA to avoid penalties

Casey earned a Master of Science in Strategic Management from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan and  Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from University of North Carolina in Pembroke, North Carolina.

If you would like more information, please contact Christopher Cooper [email protected].