Dale Bailey

Dale Bailey is a Training and Development Professional, and an Agile software development practitioner.

Dale’s Training and Development career started as an Air Force T-38 Instructor Pilot, which included hands-on flight instruction and formal classroom facilitation.  He subsequently transitioned to the C-141 global airlift mission as Pilot in Command, progressed to Instructor Pilot, and ultimately served as Chief of Training leading an office of 30 flight training professionals.

His Agile experience began with the Agile for Patriots program, including a practicum tasked with building the AgileForPatriots.org website, during which he served as the Scrum Team’s Product Owner.  Dale also volunteered to serve as the Business Representative for a Dallas GiveCamp 2017 project.  He recently combined his Agile experience with his Training and Development expertise when he delivered a talk entitled “C-141 Flight Crew as Cross-Functional Scrum Team” to the Dallas Agile-DevOps Meetup. 

Dale’s Training and Development qualifications are supported by Master of Arts Degrees in Education and Human Resource Development. His Agile certifications include Professional Scrum Master I and Professional Scrum Product Owner I, supported by a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science.