Minouche Fenelus

Minouche Fenelus is a bilingual U.S. Army veteran who is originally from Haiti. She is currently studying Supply Chain Management and is on track to complete her bachelor’s degree this year. In the Army, she was a Supply Chain Supervisor who managed up to 15 soldiers, and most recently, has been working in Afghanistan as a Supply Technician in a contract position. Minouche currently serves as a volunteer for Allies in Service and has put in countless hours of administrative work for us. She does a great job and we love having her here with us!

Her experience includes:

Leadership – Conducted Supply Discipline training for over 25 soldiers while in Kuwait to ensure resources were being used without fraud, waste or abuse, which resulted in decreased spending 

Inventory Management – Managed over 800 pieces of equipment, worth over $1.5M, resulting in zero losses or damage

Administrative –Maintained supplies, work orders and monthly inventory with a 99% accuracy rate

Minouche would like to become part of a company where she can continue to develop in her career and serve both the company and their clients with her friendly attitude and problem-solving skills. She is seeking a supply chain or administrative role with a veteran friendly company or nonprofit, and is open to a variety of opportunities.